Who are you

Please fill this out. You can (and are encouraged!) to be as creative as you want. This is to help you play your character better.

Copy this to Email and send it to me: mmpubjr@gmail.com

1) Does your character have any siblings, if so how many and names?

2) What is your character’s home planet?

3) What does your character’s parents do (or did)?

4) Give one important childhood memory that has something to do with why your character acts the way he/she does.

5) Name one Childhood friend.

6) What is something your character fears (everyone fears something so none of this “he fears nothing” $h!t)?

7) What are or were some hobbies of your character?

8) Give a love of interest of your character, and tell why it didn’t work out.

9) What did your character do before being captured?

10) If this applies, list an arch rival or enemy of your character?

11) What does your character hate the most?

12) Does your character have any connection to the empire, or the underworld?

13) Is there a secret in your characters past, that he/she will not reveal to the other characters, if so what is it?

14) What is something your character enjoys doing to unwind?

15) Can your character read, what is your characters amount of schooling?

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Who are you

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